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LinkedIn Made Simple

An online course and group training program to help capture profile views, prospects, and leads faster than you think.

LinkedIn is Confusing


It’s a place to put my resume, right?


What’s the point of updating my profile?


Should I post content to LinkedIn or my website?


What is the point of having a LinkedIn account?


Isn’t LinkedIn just for recruiters and job seekers?


I connected with someone, now what?

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone.

LinkedIn is Not Your Resume

Do you remember how you felt after you created your LinkedIn profile? My guess is you probably said to yourself, “OK. Now what?” If so, you’re not alone.

Linkedin is still viewed by many as Facebook for business people. It’s a place to post your resume, and to connect with current and past colleagues. Outside of that, people are left wondering, “what’s the point?”

I understand this sentiment, however, having spent the last few years working with LinkedIn experts, and writing profiles for companies and individuals, I have seen the results of a good LinkedIn strategy. The key is to use it as a networking platform to connect, engage, and build relationships.

When used correctly, you’ll be able to create a predictable pipeline of leads and prospects. 

LinkedIn Made Simple

A structured process to more views, engagement, and leads on LinkedIn.


Identify Audience

Define your ideal audience, so you’ll know how and where to reach them.


Craft Story

Use a story-based framework to craft your audience-facing story.


Develop Pitch

Develop a pitch that draws your audience in and compels them to act.


Build Profile

Create a customer-facing profile by translating your story to your profile.


Create Company Page

Set up your company page – even if you aren’t a businesses.


Find Prospects

Find your ideal audience by using search the right way. 


Message Prospects

Create a messaging funnel and start meaningful conversations.


Post Content

Create targeted content to attract your ideal audience.


Leverage Channels

Use various channels in LinkedIn to reach your ideal audience.

The support videos alone are worth 3x what I paid! Excellent course if you are wanting to up your LinkedIn game. I am totally clueless on the platform as I have never used it before, but the hidden things in this course will bring results in a way I never thought possible. If you need to understand LinkedIn better, this is the course for you!!!!

Fabiana Beatriz Loverde de Huffaker

Personal Brand Photographer


LinkedIn Made Simple Includes:

50+ Step-by-step videos

A complete LinkedIn playbook to capture more leads and views

Worksheets and frameworks for every step

Messaging templates and scripts

Digital copies of LinkedIn Made Simple

LMS mobile

It’s time to up your game on LinkedIn

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Conquer LinkedIn

This course took me from having no clue how to use LinkedIn to build my brand and generate leads to having a daily action plan for doing just that. Well worth the investment.

Pete Rakozy

Chief Growth Coach at SiteSmash

I had no clue how to go about harnessing the power of LinkedIn. This course sorted that out! Clear instruction and outstanding step-by-step guidance mean that I’m now looking forward to conquering LinkedIn, rather than feeling confused and unsure. This is the only course I’ve ever done where I feel like ‘what? I got all that for only that price?!’

Monica Sood

CEO Brand Clarity

What’s my Investment?

Online Course Only


No Refunds.


Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds for either program. Once you pay, you get immediate access to everything. Not providing a refund prevents people from purchasing the course, copying everything then asking for a refund.

What's included in the online course?

There are close to 60 videos (and growing) covering all aspects of LinkedIn from establishing goals to updating your profile to proper search techniques and how to script for messaging within LinkedIn.

You get unlimited access to all videos and all future updates.

What's the difference between the online course and group training?

The online course gives you access to all of the videos, templates, frameworks, and scripts only.

The group training includes the online course plus direct access to Ryan and Andy via a private Facebook group for 90-days.

Why a private Facebook group?

The Facebook group provides a completely different level of interaction. For 90-days, you get direct access to Andy and Ryan through weekly Q&A sessions and profile reviews, plus the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with others in the course. You’ll also get additional training opportunities and other bonuses as a member of the FB group.

Why not a LinkedIn Group?

We’d love to do this with a LinkedIn group but currently, they are not nearly as robust as the solution Facebook provides. We’ve heard LinkedIn is investing in Groups to make them better. Once they’ve rolled out their updates, we’ll evaluate and consider our options.

10 things to do on LinkedIn everyday

Savvy marketers, successful businesses, and career professionals already know the activities to use daily on LinkedIn to generate opportunities. And now you can too!

After using LinkedIn to grow our businesses, we developed this checklist so you can generate opportunities for yourself or your business in as few as 30 minutes a day.

Grab the checklist and get started!

The LinkedIn Daily Checklist

10 daily activities to capture more profile views and leads in as few as 30 minutes a day

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